IndTech Graduate School

Industrial Graduate School

“IndTech” is the collective name that refers to using core technologies from IoT, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and optimization to realize modern digitalization solutions in the industry. IndTech postgraduate school is the Swedish KKs  funded programme which allows the university to carry out the postgraduate programme in a field with both scientific strengths and further development for the business sector.

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Digital Product Management Week (DPMW) + Summer School on digital project management

Digital Product Management Week (DPMW) + Summer School on digital project management

Digital Product Management Week (DPMW) + Summer School on digital project management The Digital Product Management Week (DPMW) which takes place at Lindholmen, Gothenburg, June 10-13th. DPMW is an international conference week which consists of several events, arranged by CoDig / Software Center and ISPMA (International Software Product Management Association), with support from Lindholmen Science […]

Licentiate Thesis Defense-Tim Andersson

Licentiate Thesis Defense-Tim Andersson

Welcome to the licentiate Thesis Defense of Tim Andersson Licentiate Thesis Title: Automated Tactile Sensing for Quality Control of Locks Using Machine Learning Time: 2024-06-07 9:15 (CET) Location: Mälardalen university, Eskilstuna, Room C3-003 Main Supervisors: Markus Bohlin Co-supervisor: Mats Ahlskog, Tomas Olsson Abstract: This thesis delves into the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for quality control in manufacturing […]

Licentiate Thesis Defense-Nicolas Leberruyer

Licentiate Thesis Defense-Nicolas Leberruyer

Welcome to the licentiate Thesis Defense of Nicolas Leberruyer Licentiate Thesis Title: Facilitating the Adoption of AI-driven Zero Defect Manufacturing in Production Systems Time: 2024-05-03 9:00 (CET) Location: Mälardalen university, Eskilstuna, Room A2-004 Main Supervisors: Jessica Bruch  Co-supervisor: Mats Ahlskog, Sara Afshar Abstract: The increasing focus on sustainability is pushing companies to update their production systems. […]


 InDTech Graduate School Conference 2023!  

This gathering brings together the brightest minds in academia, providing a platform for PhD scholars to showcase their groundbreaking work, exchange valuable insights, and foster collaborative efforts. 



This year, we are thrilled to announce an exciting expansion of our network to Germany and Luxembourg which remarks the further steps of internationalization of IndTech Graduate school. 

Research Tracks

Four research tracks have been designed to match the existing academic excellence and the development needs as well as the industrial strategic priorities, challenges, and competence needs. Accordingly, a comprehensive postgraduate course program provides strong support for the research.

Meet our PhD students

The co-production in INDTECH between MDU and the 12 industrial partners will result in 15 graduated PhD students in a strategically important area. PhD graduates of INDTECH with a new interdisciplinary perspective will pilar digitalization and Industry 4.0 of the whole society.

I have a master’s degree from Mälardalen University in product and process development with a subsequent professional career, after graduation, I worked as a consultant at one of the country’s leading consulting companies before I got a job at Volvo, one of MITC’s partner companies. My career crosses academia and companies. I have been longing to return to the university and the environment with the community varied projects, and cross-border collaborations. IndTech offers me a great opportunity to deepen my knowledge in this area.
San Giliyana
Industrial PhD student MITC

Become our partner

Our partners include leading industrial companies, research institutes, and supporting initiatives that provide a solid base for cross-company and cross-industrial synergies, creating lasting value for the INDTECH PhD students, the industrial partners, the university, and for Sweden.


The Rhetoric Workshops aim to enhance the PhD student’s public speaking skills with intensive one-day training. The rhetoric coach Elaine Eksvärd was invited to this workshop to give practical tools and customized training for each student. Here you will find the introduction, the useful tips, and the final presentations from students after practice.

Workshop Introduction

IndTech graduate school organized the Rhetoric workshop for Ph.D. students to enhance their presentation skills on 13th May 2022, Eskilstuna campus. Elaine Eksvärd, the experienced communication consultant, was invited to coach the young researchers for the whole day.

Episode 1: Goals and students expectations

The common challenge most researchers face is how to make the academic presentation engaging. She used presentation examples on different occasions to help them understand the importance of clarity, engagement, and fun.

Episode 2: The tools

Elaine provided powerful tools to facilitate the students to break the routine by building the first impression from self-introduction. Each student got individual training regarding the details such as the voice, the gesture, eye contact, etc.

Episode 3: The presentations

The workshop aimed to support their 5 minutes pitch at the upcoming IndTech graduate school conference, where they will present themselves and research topics for more than 50 participants.