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“IndTech” is the collective name that refers to using core technologies from IoT, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and optimization to realize the modern digitalization solutions in the industry. 
 In IndTech graduate school, top researchers from Mälardalen University and veteran mentors from industrial sectors join forces to tackle the novel industrial challenges in the Ph.D. student research projects, related to the real-world deployment of digital technology in production.
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Discovery 4 research tracks

Four research tracks have been designed to match the existing academic excellence and the development needs as well as the industrial strategic priorities, challenges, and competence needs. Accordingly, A comprehensive postgraduate course program provides strong support for the research. Check Ph.D. courses here.

T 1

Digital Transformation of Production Systems

T 2

Industrial Artificial Intelligence

T 3

Resistant Industrial Systems

T 4

Energy-Efficient Production and Control

Meet our Ph.D students

The co-production in INDTECH between MDU and the 12 industrial partners will result in 15 graduated Ph.D students in a strategically important area. Ph.D graduates of INDTECH with a new interdisciplinary perspective will pilar digitalization and Industry 4.0 of the whole society.

I have a master’s degree from Mälardalen University in product and process development with a subsequent professional career, after graduation, I worked as a consultant at one of the country’s leading consulting companies before I got a job at Volvo, one of MITC’s partner companies. My career cross academia and companies. I have been longing to return to the university and the environment with the community and varied projects, and cross-border collaborations. IndTech offers me a great opportunity to deepen my knowledge in this area. 


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Our partners include leading industrial companies, research institutes, and supporting initiatives that provide a solid base for cross-company and cross-industrial synergies, creating lasting value for the INTECH Ph.D. students, the industrial partners, the university, and for Sweden.

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