About us

About Us​

In INDTECH, top researchers from the engineering research specializations join forces to tackle the novel industrial challenges in the PhD student research projects, related to real-world deployment of digital technology in production, thereby providing the PhD graduates with a new interdisciplinary perspective within industry and supporting the university’s strategy in digitalization and Industry 4.0,

Our Mission

The Industrial Technology Graduate School is built on MDH’s experience from four former KKS-funded postgraduate schools and complements them with a focus on the deployment of Industry 4.0 and applied AI in production systems as well as a uniquely strong support from networking organizations.

Our Collaboration

A large consortium has teamed up with MDH in INDTECH, including nine leading industrial companies, the research institutes RISE IVF and RISE Industrial Systems, the technology center MITC, and supporting initiatives such as AI Sweden, PiiA, Automation Region and Blue Institute. INDTECH thereby provides a solid base for cross-company and cross-industrial synergies and creation of lasting value for the INDTECH PhD students, the industrial partners, the university and for Sweden.

Expected Outcomes

The co-production in INDTECH between MDH and the 12 industrial partners as well as 11 other interested companies, will result in 15 graduated PhD students in a strategically important area. A comprehensive postgraduate course program supports the students, and activities are planned to encourage industrialization, scientific publication of results and cross-company synergies together with our networking partners.

How do we make it happen?

Coordinated by the four research tracks, the supervision teams include both academic and industrial supervisors and mentors, thus encouraging co-creation and true synergies. The four research tracks have been designed to match the existing academic excellence and the development needs as well as the industrial strategic priorities, challenges, and competence needs.

In addition to the strategic expertise gained through the education of the 15 PhD candidates, the expected impact of INDTECH include:

  • Increased competence and expertise in scientific areas of strategic relevance to the Swedish manufacturing industry.
  • The establishment of Industry 4.0 and applied AI as a joint theme of excellence for MDH.
  • Strengthening of the production engineer profession and regional and national ecosystem of production research, innovation, and development.