Energy Efficient Production and Control

Energy Efficient Production and Control


Competitive and reliable heat and power generation as well as manufacturing and electrification require accurate energy system modelling, simulation, optimization and asset management including robust control and decision support. Optimal system design, development, production and operation can be enabled by the advent of digitalization including digital twins and smart sensors. These topics and underlying research will be the core subject of Track 4 with focus on energy and electrification applications. Particular attention will be given to reduced order modelling approaches, combining physics-based modelling with deep learning techniques, system design, diagnostics and decision support, model predictive control and measurement techniques.


A considerable amount of the research efforts within the FEC focus on industrial energy system optimization, control and diagnostics. The research on diagnostics was recently recognised by IVA (The Swedish Royal Academy of Engineering) in its Research2Business 100 List 2020, a list of research projects focusing on sustainability with significant potential to benefit areas such as business and method development or to have a positive impact on society. In relation to INDTECH, ongoing FEC research on system modelling, measurement techniques and optimization of energy-intensive industrial processes as well as power and propulsion applications will be of particular relevance.


Among several Horizon2020 research projects, FEC has been responsible also for coordinating the 5.75 MEuro project FUDIPO63 (Future Directions of Powerplant and Process Optimization) backed by a powerful industrial consortium. The project was the only one coordinated by Sweden to be financed by the European Commission, under SPIRE 2, and attracted a lot of international attention by the energy-intensive process industry, largely due to its focus on developing sector-independent solutions that are one step before entry into service. FEC has been driven world-class research on various applications such as pulp and paper industry, biomass gasification and novel power plant design automation and techno-economic risk assessment.