Here you can find publications of IndTech Graduate School. You can also visit each PhD. students’ individual pages to find those publications.  We expect to produce more than 50 scientific publications in the research fields. 

Software, Research

Perspectives on Smart Maintenance Technologies – A Case Study in Large Manufacturing Companies. Authors: Giliyana San, Salonen Antti, Bengtsson Marcus

Toward Zero Defect Manufacturing with the support of Artificial Intelligence—Insights from an industrial application. Authors: Nicolas Leberruyer,Jessica Bruch,Mats Ahlskog,Sara Afshar

Enabling an AI-Based Defect Detection Approach to Facilitate Zero Defect Manufacturing. Authors:Nicolas Leberruye,Jessica Bruch,Mats Ahlskog,Sara Afshar

Requirements Classification for Smart Allocation: A Case Study in the Railway Industry. Authors: Sarmad Bashir, Muhammad Abbas, Alessio Ferrari ,Mehrdad Saadatmand ,Pernilla Lindberg

Requirement or Not, That is the Question: A Case from the Railway Industry. Authors: Sarmad Bashir, Muhammad Abbas, Mehrdad Saadatmand , Eduard Paul Enoiu, Markus Bohlin, Pernilla Lindberg

Mapping simulation optimization requirements for construction sites: A study in the heavy-duty vehicles industry. Authors: Abdulkarim Habbab, Anas Fattouh, Bobbie Frank , Koteshwar Chirumalla, Markus Bohlin

Exploring Challenges in a Low-Volume Product Industrialization Process–A Railway Case Study. Authors: Vésteinn Sigurjónsson, Jessica Bruch, Anna Granlund

Check for updates Exploring Challenges in a Low-Volume Product Industrialization Process–A Railway Case Study. Authors: Vésteinn Sigurjónsson, Jessica Bruch, Anna Granlund

Hyperparameters Optimization for Federated Learning System: Speech Emotion Recognition Case Study. Authors: Mischenko Kateryna, Mohammadi Samaneh, Mohammadi Mohammadreza, Sinaei Sima

Optimized Paillier Homomorphic Encryption in Federated Learning for Speech Emotion Recognition. Authors: Mohammadi Samaneh, Sinaei Sima, Balador Ali, Flammini Francesco

Secure and Efficient Federated Learning by Combining Homomorphic Encryption and Gradient Pruning in Speech Emotion Recognition. Authors: Mohammadi Samaneh,Sinaei Sima,Balador Ali,Flammini Francesco

ICSSIM — A framework for building industrial control systems security testbeds. Authors: Dehlaghi-Ghadim, Alireza;Helali Moghadam, Mahshid;Hansson, Hans

The Westermo network traffic data set. Authors:Strandberg, P. E.;Dehlaghi-Ghadim, Alireza;Leon, Miguel

Identification of Cyberattacks in Industrial Control Systems. Author:Dehlaghi-Ghadim, Alireza

Time-series Anomaly Detection and Classification with Long Short-Term Memory Network on Industrial Manufacturing Systems. Authors:Markovic, Tijana;Dehlaghi-Ghadim, Alireza;Leon, Miguel;Balador, Ali

Visualization of Industrial Production Processes using 3D Simulation Software for Enhanced Decision-Making.  Author: Akshay Goyal

Design of Machine Learning method for decision-making support and reliability improvement in the investment casting process. Authors: Antonia Antoniadou, Konstantinos Kyprianidis, Ioanna Aslanidou, Anestis Kalfas, Dimitrios Siafakas

Adopting a Digital Twin Framework for Autonomous Machine Operation at Construction Sites. Authors: Philip Wickberg, Anas Fattouh, Sara Afshar, Markus Bohlin

Model Simplification: Addressing Digital Twin Challenges and Requirements in Manufacturing. Authors: Sanchez de Ocana, Adrian; Aslanidou, Ioanna

Data-Driven Remaining Useful Life Estimation of Discrete Power Electronic Devices. Authors: Wilhelm Söderkvist Vermelin, Andreas Lövberg, Maciej Misiorny, Mattias P. Eng, and Klas Brinkfeldt.

Anomaly Detection Dataset for Industrial Control Systems. Authors: Dehlaghi Ghadim, Alireza, Balador, Ali, Hansson, Hans