Our Network

The INDTECH ecosystem, shown in the image, is unique in its inclusion of five supporting organizations and guarantees the widespread dissemination of results not only at partners but also in a wider scope, as well as providing a support system for INDTECH students and opportunities for INDTECH alumni.


Industrial Network

In INDTECH we involve several relevant network organizations to facilitate collaboration and cross-company learning, thereby accelerating the digital transformation pace even further. The industrial network for INDTECH is organized by MITC and Automation Region, with support from AI Sweden, PiiA and Blue Institute.

Industrial Partners

More than 12 industrial partners make up IndTech, these are key stakeholders in a broad spectrum of Swedish manufacturing industry. To increase collaboration and co-creation, MDH has in recent years signed strategic partnerships with four of the companies; ABB, Bombardier, ESEM and Volvo CE.

School meeting 2022.5

PhD Students

The INDTECH industrial graduate school will play an important role in the development of research and doctoral education at MDH in the area of digital transformation and Industry 4.0.