Abdulkarim Habbab

Abdulkarim Habbab

Educational background

Abdulkarim Habbab is an Industrial PhD student at Volvo CE in Site simulation, with a Bs. C and Ms C in Mechatronics Engineering.

Work Experience

Abdulkarim Habbab has two and a half years of experience as a software developer in computer vision and SLAM algorithms, Li-ion batteries, UX design, and Rear wheel steering systems with Bosch, Schaeffler and Volvo.

Research Topic

Optimizing Off-Roads Applications with Digital Twins

Research Abstract

In the realm of off-road transport, design and operational decisions are often guided by experience, but this approach can lead to inefficiencies. Relying on a limited number of experts familiar with intricate trade-offs in dynamic environments exacerbates this vulnerability. Integrating representative modules into a cohesive platform faces obstacles related to compatibility and applicability.

This research initiative focuses on crafting digital solutions that enhance decision-making and optimize off-road transport applications. Addressing these challenges is crucial to establishing a dependable system, reducing issues, and adeptly managing the complexities of site situations. By harnessing digital technologies, our aspiration is to engineer a reliable bedrock system that refines overall site operations and resource utilization, elevating both trustworthiness and effectiveness in the realm of off-road transport.

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