Adrián Sánchez de Ocaña

Adrián Sánchez de Ocaña

Educational background

He studied industrial organizational engineering both bachelor’s and master’s in Spain at the University of Deusto in Bilbao. These studies aim at optimizing production, logistics, and different organizational processes.

Work Experience

He came to Sweden five years ago with a Spanish scholarship that contributes to developing young talents acquiring skills in an international setting and started working at the University of Skövde. He researched at the University of Skövde in Virtual Engineering since contributing to both national and international projects with industrial partners such as Volvo Car, Volvo Trucks, ABB, Xylem, and Flexlink.

His current position, that he is starting on the 19th of April, will be Industrial Ph.D. within Indtech School in Mälardalen   University and employed by the company Alfa Laval to research in Digital Twins for Production Development.

Research Abstract

The adoption of advanced production technologies, such as digital twins, is essential for manufacturing companies to survive in a competitive landscape. Digital twins are virtual replicas of physical systems that enable manufacturers to simulate and optimize their operations. However, creating and maintaining accurate digital twin models can be challenging, especially for complex systems.

This research aims to address this challenge by simplifying digital twin models, making them more accessible and easier to manage. Simplification is key for both the understanding and the speed of the models. This research will help manufacturing companies achieve the benefits of digital twin technology, while reducing the barriers to adoption.



Model Simplification: Addressing Digital Twin Challenges and Requirements in Manufacturing. Authors: Sanchez de Ocana, Adrian;Aslanidou, Ioanna. 


Improved Human-Robot Collaboration Through Simulation-Based Optimization authors: Wang Wei, Bandaru Sunith, Sánchez de Ocaña Torroba Adrian. Published on Advances in Manufacturing Technology XXXIII: Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Manufacturing Research, incorporating the 34th National Conference on Manufacturing Research, 10–12 September 2019, Queen’s University, Belfast, UK (153-158). Amsterdam: IOS Press, 2019.

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