Akshay Goyal

Akshay Goyal

Educational background

Akshay is an accomplished Industrial Simulation Engineer with a background in Mechanical Engineering and Product Design, as well as a master’s degree from Mälardalen University in Product and Process Development: Production and Logistics.

Work Experience

He has actively aided more than 10 different manufacturing industries in modelling their production processes since 2022, with the goal of visualising and optimising prospective future states. During his time at MITC AB Eskilstuna, he continues to work on a variety of commercial projects while also teaching master’s students at Mälardalen University and other industry specialists about simulation softwares.

Research Interests

His future interests include in-depth research and competence in IIoT architectural technologies such as MES, SCADA, PLC/HMI, ERP, WMS, EDGE, and Machine Learning in the Cloud. This knowledge will eventually contribute to the development of functioning real-time Digital Twins in the context of Industry 4.0.

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