Nicolas Leberruyer

Nicolas Leberruyer

Educational background

He graduated with a MSc in Energy Technology from Polytech Orléans, France in 2004.


Work Experience

For 15 years, I have worked in the automotive industry as a product development engineer in different stages of the development lifecycle: from advanced engineering to industrialization and aftermarket. My main activities were software development for combustion engines and their after-treatment systems. I’ve been doing simulations, testing and data analysis on prototypes in test cells, in cold and high-altitude environment and performed product maintenance activities at the final customers sites. My focus has always been to find new ways to optimize products and process with the final customer in mind. That’s the reason my last position was in the development of uptime services based on telematics data, as said earlier, always with the final customer in mind. Since September 2021, I’m an industrial PhD student at Volvo Construction Equipment.

Research Topic

Implementations of AI solutions in operations

Research Abstract

The research aims to investigate the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into production systems to enable Zero Defect Manufacturing (ZDM) through case studies in the automotive sector. The findings will consist of a process model giving recommendations on how to apply AI.

Despite AI’s potential to create a shift in manufacturing excellence, its adoption in production systems remains low due to the lack of integration plans and frameworks. Today there is still a lack of interactions with industry as more research is done in labs than in industrial plants. Successful ZDM implementation involves both AI expertise and production domain knowledge. The successful integration of cutting-edge technologies together with traditional manufacturing techniques can lead to a new era of unmatched quality and efficiency.

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