Torbjörn Trosten

Torbjörn Trosten

Educational Background

Torbjörn Trosten is an industry PhD student at Alstom Transport in cooperation with Mälardalens University. His research focuses on the traction converter control software and how the controller software can be designed to increase the efficiency of the traction drive system in trains.


Work Experience

Torbjörn Trosten has worked for over 7 years in control software development and another 7 years in the design of traction motors and converters.

Research Topic

Energy efficient control of the traction drive used in trains

Research Abstract

The research started by developing and evaluating control software for the latest generation of Silicon Carbide (SiC) based traction converters. In paper A, the focus was to determine the optimal switching frequency for SiC based traction inverters in terms of electricity consumption. In paper B, the SiC based inverters were tested on a demo train in Stockholm subway and results from noise tests were included in the optimization. In paper C, different pulse patterns and switching frequencies were evaluated in terms of motor and inverters losses as well as radiated electromagnetic noise.
The forthcoming research will focus on how machine learning methods can be used in the control software to further improve the performance of the traction system.

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