Vésteinn Sigurjónsson

Vésteinn Sigurjónsson

Educational background

He is originally from Iceland, graduated with an M.Sc. Degree in Industrial Engineering and Management at Linköping University, where he specialized in Operations Management.

Work Experience

He has previously worked as a quality assurance engineer at a consultancy within the digital domain before moving back to academia. Along with that, he has investigated how agile project methods can be applied within production development projects, including coaching, and guiding industrial partners. 

Currently, he is working as an Industrial Doctoral student at Alstom where his focus is analysing workflows and identifying improvements via digitalization. 

Research Topic

Implementation of digitalized tools and methods in product development and industrialization projects

Research Abstract

Achieving a short time-to-market is of vital importance for the railway industry, which is characterized by low-volumes, complex products and long lead-times. A process that transfers a product from conceptual design to production is the industrialization process. It plays a critical role as an interface between product development and production where any interruptions significantly delay the introduction of the product to the market. Research has shown the promise Industry 4.0 related digitalization within manufacturing and any detrimental effects from challenges during industrialization need to be avoided. Therefore, the purpose of this research project is to analyze ways to leverage digitalization and its benefits within a low-volume industrialization process in order to reduce lead-times and improve competitiveness of said process.

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