San Giliyana

San Giliyana

Educational background

San has a master’s degree from Mälardalen University in project and process development with a subsequent professional career. 

Working Experience

San worked as a consultant at one of the country’s leading consulting companies before he got a job at Volvo, one of the MITC’s partner companies. His career crosses academia and companies. 

Research Topic

Smart Maintenance Technologies for the Manufacturing Industry

Research Abstract

The nine technologies of Industry 4.0, Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs), and Artificial Intelligence (AI), play an important role in the development of smart maintenance technologies. For instance, IIoT, Big Data and Analytics, and AI, can be used for machine connection, maintenance data collection, and analysis and decision-making using AI. Previous research presents several approaches for smart maintenance technologies. One problem is that the manufacturing industry faces many challenges when implementing smart maintenance technologies in a beneficial way. Therefore, this research aims to support the manufacturing industry in implementing smart maintenance technologies, as well as identifying challenges and enablers when implementing, and benefits of smart maintenance technologies.