Sarmad Bashir

Sarmad Bashir

Educational background

Sarmad Bashir has a master’s degree in Information Technology from National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Pakistan.

Work Experience

I have a professional career in the domain of Machine Learning and AI, executing the data-driven solutions effectively for the complex business problems, with a keen interest in the software testing domain.

Research Topic

AI-Driven Optimization for Requirements Engineering in Railway Industry

Research Abstract

Engineering large-scale software systems mandate an effective Requirements Engineering (RE) process. The railway industry’s reliance on manual RE practices makes the process experience-dependent and error-prone. Therefore, employing Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to optimize the RE process can significantly facilitate the development of software systems and reduce the effort and time required for gathering, documenting, and managing requirements.
This Ph.D. study aims to leverage AI techniques, particularly Large Language Models (LLMs), to automate various RE tasks in the industrial setting. In this context, the focus is on automating requirements identification from tender documents and efficiently allocating them to different development teams.

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