Mats Jackson Assumes Role as New School Director at IndTech Graduate School

Mats Jackson Assumes Role as New School Director at IndTech Graduate School

IndTech Graduate School is pleased to announce the appointment of Mats Jackson as its new School Director, effective February 1, 2024. This change in leadership comes as the former School Director, Markus Bohlin, has transitioned to his new role as Dean of the School of Business, Society and Engineering at Mälardalen University.

Mats Jackson brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his new position. He is currently a professor at Mälardalen University and also holds a position as a professor within the Innovation and Product Realization research profile at the Production School of Engineering, Jönköping University.

Mats received his Ph.D. in Production System Development from Linköping University in 2000 and has had a distinguished career combining academic pursuits with significant leadership roles in the business sector. His previous positions include

Executive Vice President of Jönköping University (2019-2023)
Associate Dean for Research, School of Engineering, Jönköping University (2017-2019)
Head of Manufacturing Research, VCE Operations Region Europe (2012-2016)
Project Manager, Manufacturing Strategy (2000-2017)

In his new role, Mats Jackson expressed his enthusiasm for the future: “I am looking forward to continuing the great work at IndTech Graduate School, creating more opportunities for our PhD students and expanding the network between industry and academia.”

IndTech Graduate School anticipates that Mats Jackson’s wealth of experience and dedication will contribute significantly to the school’s continued success and growth, benefiting both students and the wider academic community.

Mats Jackosn

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