IndTech Graduate School Board Meeting

The fourth IndTech Graduate School Board Meeting was held on June on 7th 2022.

The chair of the school board Magnus Forsén (Alstom) welcomed all the participants as the opening of this meeting.
School director Markus Bohlin (MDU) updated the school status that all 15 students were enrolled this year and the preparation of IndTech plus is ongoing. Additionally, we plan to have the first physical IndTech graduate school conference in autumn to gather all the students, mentors, supervisors and board members reviewing the past one year and inspiring the outlook for the next.  

San Giliyana (MDU), as the student representative from MITC, gave a presentation regarding his research topic and the recently published paper. Guest Peter Wallin (SIP-PiiA) shared the information about Sweden Canada innovation days on 22-23 September as invitation to IndTech graduate school.

Other co-workers as Jessica Bruch (MDU) director of studies, communication officer Yi Wei (MDU) and project manager Gunnar Widforss (MDU) also presented their work.

The school board meetings are periodically organized, which aims to report the daily management to the board and collect the feedbacks Other board members Antonia Antoniadou (TPC), Christian Wolfe (Alfa Laval), Lina Stålberg (Volvo CE), David Degerfeldt (Boliden) Sara Balmér Neyman (Sandvik) joined meeting as well.

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