Rhetoric Workshop

Rhetoric workshop

IndTech graduate school organized the Rhetoric workshop for Ph.D. students to enhance their presentation skills on 13th May 2022, Eskilstuna campus. Elaine Eksvärd, the experienced communication consultant, was invited to coach the young researchers for the whole day.

The common challenge most researchers face is how to make the academic presentation engaging. Elaine provided powerful tools to facilitate the students to break the routine by building the first impression from self-introduction. She used presentation examples on different occasions to help them understand the importance of clarity, engagement, and fun. Each student got individual training regarding the details such as the voice, the gesture, eye contact, etc.

The workshop aimed to support their 5 minutes pitch at the upcoming IndTech graduate school conference, where they will present themselves and research topics for more than 50 participants. After the practice, the enhanced skills will benefit their future research work great as well.

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